KOT Reacts to Rachel Ruto's Monthly Prayer Service Directive

The directive by First Lady Rachel Ruto to hold monthly services at the Statehouse in Nairobi has elicited reactions from Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), with some stating that she should obey the Statehouse and the presidency because it is a vital symbol of the nation.

KOT Reacts to Rachel Ruto's Monthly Prayer Service Directive
First lady, Rachel Ruto

Speaking during a mass service on September 26, Rachel Ruto stated that she will be holding monthly church services at State House. 

“The Bible says ‘People will go up to Jerusalem, year after year, to celebrate the feast of the tabernacles’, and I think that this is a place where people will come year after year for Thanksgiving. I want to tell the church that this is not the last service we are having, you will be coming here month after month to give thanks to the Lord for doing us good,” Rachel Ruto stated.

President Ruto, Rachel Ruto host church leaders for a thanksgiving service at Statehouse. PHOTO FILE

Rachel Ruto also acknowledged her husband, President William Ruto for allowing her to welcome the religious leaders into the Statehouse for the thanksgiving mass.

"As an intercessor, I am very excited, I feel the doors have been opened. Thank you so much to our president for allowing us intercessors to walk into this compound today to pray, we are very excited," Rachel stated.

Previously, the first lady has also been seen to welcome various church leaders into the Statehouse. Recently, Rachel Ruto hosted prophet Victor Kusi Boateng from Power Chapel Worldwide, Ghana, and a preacher couple, Dr. Ian and Angel Ndlovu.

First lady Rachel Ruto and Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng. TWITTER.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans on Twitter to Rachel Ruto's directive.  Some have also suggested that she should stick to her role as Kenya's first lady and try to emulate Margaret Kenyatta's ways.

"State House sio Kanisa ya Pastor Pius Muiru. Rachel Ruto needs to understand that Kenya does not have a monopoly on Religion and the house at the hill is a representation of the many religions in Kenya," one of the tweets read.