Ladies Here are 6 Phrases to Use to Seek a Man's Attention

Several things should be done in a relationship to keep it active and romantic but what most couples brush off is what I am yet to explain to you especially this goes to ladies in relationships or marriages.

Ladies Here are 6 Phrases  to Use to Seek a Man's Attention

As a lady, you need to keep your relationship alive and captivating by telling your man sweet words this is because men love being pampered, adored, shown love, and told sweet words. In short, it should not be a one-sided thing that only focuses on the girlchild.

Men also want to hear that they look nice, are loved and appreciated for their efforts, and also words of affirmation help to strengthen the bond between couples and increase the longevity of a relationship.

Below are the Phrases You need to use as a lady to Draw your Man`s Attention

1.Am Blessed to have you

Most men want to feel useful in ladies' lives. They like being honored for the contributions they are making or have made in your life.

This research is according to Susan winter, a Newyork city-based relationship expert and dating coach.

2. I love you

Sometimes the desire of saying that could have diminished over the years but as a lady continue reminding him how much you love and care for him trust me this magic works so greatly.

3.Thank you

Ladies remember every man needs to feel that his efforts however small they are do not go unnoticed. You could just tell him "Love, thank you for what you’ve done to me and our family”.

 "Since men are sensitive to performance issues, they keep worrying about disappointing you, and therefore letting him know he is the best fulfills his desire to provide the best," says Dr. Eris Huemer, a marriage, and family therapist.

4. I respect you

Aman will always pay attention to a lady who respects him by this mean when you respect his family members including his parents, friends, church members alongside others, this man will do for you all that your desires for since he will be made to understand that he means the whole world to you.

According to Antonio Borello a relationship expert, "Men are born with a natural and psychological need to be respected”. So as a lady tell your man how much you respect them.

5. You look handsome

As a woman make him a bit confused, make him understand that you do admire him all the time.

6. I am Sorry

Always be apologetic after doing something wrong to your man or after your man having a bad day at work. This one shows them that you care for them.