NYS Officer Who Cleaned Sports CS Shoes Lands A Job in His Office

Following the viral video of National Youth Service (NYS) officer Dickson Loyerer cleaning Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports, and the Arts Ababu Namwamba's shoes, the CS invited him to his office today and lucky enough he received some good news.

NYS Officer Who Cleaned Sports CS Shoes Lands A Job in His Office

CS Namwamba revealed how the NYS officer ended up cleaning his muddy shoes stating that they were from a tree planting session at the NYS headquarters.

"Dickson Loyerer yesterday graciously volunteered to clean my muddy shoes after a tree-planting session at NYS where he works. Today we shared a cup of tea in my office, where he gave me NYS tips on grooming, discipline, and skills," Namwamba stated.

"I have requested Loyerer to join my staff," Sports CS stated.

Just after the video went viral, many Kenyans criticized the scene stating that it was 'slavery' and the Sports CS was exploiting a junior worker.

Dickson went ahead to defend himself stating that  NYS officers are trained to rectify the wardrobe malfunctions of their seniors citing the CS shoes were dirty after a tree planting exercise.

"I looked at your shoes and I saw some dirt. I then decided that I must clean your shoes because when our boss has dirt somewhere, we have to correct it," the NYS officer stated.

"The cleaning of shoes is some of the skills we are taught. Additionally, when our bosses have a wardrobe malfunction, we have to correct it," he added.