Kiambu Murder: Man Confesses He Killed His Alleged Side Chic, Says He Regrets Nothing

Cases of men killing their women have recently been rising. Just the other day when a cop shot dead his wife before killing himself over failed arbitration.

Kiambu Murder: Man Confesses He Killed His Alleged Side Chic, Says He Regrets Nothing
A collage of past photos of the late Ms. Nyokabi and her suspected killer. [Photo/ Courtesy]]

Evans Karani, the suspect behind Ms. Catherine Nyokabi's murder recently told detectives how he ended his secret lover's life.

The man aged 38 told law enforcers how he strangled to death Ms. Nyokabi on Wednesday, April 14 this year, before trying to dispose of her corpse.

Speaking to the investigators, Mr. Karani revealed how he plotted the murder on learning that the woman could be seeing another man. 

He then invited over the late Ms. Nyokabi so that they could iron out their issues. He even bought her a bottle of wine, since she loved wines. 

After seeing that the deceased had been intoxicated fully, they hopped into his car, where he then used his belt to strangle her. Revealed the suspect adding that he regretted nothing over his actions. 

After she had died, the man attempted to dump the dead body before his car got stuck in the mud along the way. Afraid of the public, Mr. Karani fled leaving behind the corpse inside the car.

Residents then alerted officers who arrived and found the corpse inside the car. With the help of the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), they learnt that Karani owned the car. 

They then initiated a manhunt leading to his arrest. Ms. Nyakabi's father Gitonga Njogu has since revealed how Catherine tried parting ways with the suspect after learning that he had a wife and children. 

"When she tried to leave him, he just kept following her. It seems he committed the act because he had been rejected," noted Mr. Njogu pointing out that as the possible reason his daughter had to die.

The father at the same time lamented the situation of his daughter's corpse. It had been doused in a corrosive acid, with fingers missing.

The suspect had allegedly dumped the corpse in mud hoping that it would be feasted on by wild animals.