Babe, Love Yourself

You don't need the world for you to love yourself. You are all you need because the whole world is also drunk with self-hatred.

Babe, Love Yourself
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Babe, love yourself. 
Love yourself harder
Love yourself better 
Love yourself intentionally
Love yourself unconditionally
Because out here people are ever going make you feel inadequate
No matter what you do, you're never gonna be a whole package to anyone else 
But you can be that to yourself 

So Babe
Be selfish with your love
Put yourself first 
Smell nice for yourself before you smell nice for someone else 
Wink to yourself first in the mirror before you wink to someone else across the table
Fill your house with your warm waves of laughter before you fill that date room with the same

Be wild
Be crazy
Be happy with you
Put on that baggy shirt/t-shirt when going to your bed
Put on that booty short and do the chores in your house as much as you'd have done that while at his place

Come home with that wine and sip it all alone
Unpack that food and prepare it as deliciously as you'd have if she'd been around
Babe clean your house and fill it with your best fragrance
Get that clean shave Babe
Walk around bare chest with smiles all over 

Babe umeskia Nairobi watu wanatembea na photocopy of their hearts?
Babe, have you heard that that's what they present and give out?
But Babe acha nikuambie ukweli
It's not just in Nairobi alone
Babe, it's like Corona, it's all over
It's a pandemic
Sote tunashare 
Lakini Babe si ata wewe umeona venye watu wanakufa!!!

So Babe...