UN and EU Join Hands in Condemning Myanmar Coup

Various nations have since condemned the act through which Myanmar militants seized power from the government on Monday.

UN and EU Join Hands in Condemning Myanmar Coup
Myanmar people protest following Aung's detention. [Source/ The Guardian]

The European Union [EU] on Tuesday [today] stood to condemn the recent Myanmar coup, terming it as a distasteful act to overturn Myanmar people's will.

EU stated that Myanmar citizens on November 8, 2020, made a decision to elect their leader, marking a huge democratic step. As a result, the union stated that any voter irregularities should be addressed in the right way.

EU further maintained that any attempts to dethrone a lawfully elected leader amounted to principles against democracy, in addition to dragging the nation behind.

Myanmar’s military forcefully took power on Monday against Aung San Suu Kyi, further detaining her with President Win Myint among other state officials.

Various leaders especially from western countries have criticized the move, with the United States [US] President Joe Biden threatening the nation with sanctions. 

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres also condemned the move by the militants to detain state officials. EU called for an immediate end of the emergency state, and have the civilian government restored.

Aung ascended to power in 2016, ending a lengthy military rule that had been in place since 1962. Although, she at one time received criticisms following her failure to order an end to protect thousands of Rohingyas against being expelled and persecuted in 2017.