ODM MP Calls for Arrest of Kisii Musician Embarambamba

Orange Democratic Movement party Member of Parliament Hon. Peter Kaluma is now calling for the arrest of famous Kisii musician Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma known by his stage name as Embarambamba.

ODM MP Calls for Arrest of Kisii Musician Embarambamba
Hon. Peter Kaluma

According to Hon. Peter, accused the vocal musician of performing witchcraft in the name of being an artist.

“@gpdkaluma There exists enough evidence to enable arrest and prosecution of that Kisii night-runner calling himself Embarabamba with witchcraft-related offenses!” said the  MP.

Kisii Musician Embarambamba Photo Courtesy

"Embarambamba" has been trending over the last months due to his unique style of music and dancing. He has been on the headlines dancing energetically In front of huge crowds of people amove made a section of Kenyans having second thought if he is mentally okay.

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Other users on Twitter stated that the musician needs a mental checkup because of his unique and unbelievable dancing styles. They also added that Embarambamba might be possessed with "evil spirits".

He however attributes his unique dancing style to having a lot of energy which enables him to run and jump even in mud.