Set Up Industries In Pokot

Creating employment opportunities could minimize banditry

Set Up Industries In Pokot

According to DEVKI group Executive Chairman, Narendra Raval, poverty is a key factor to the banditry in Pokot areas. According to Raval, setting up more industries in the counties is much better since those are the people who need employment more. 

During an interview with Citizen Tv on Wednesday night, Raval said that supporting industries in the banditry areas such as Pokot will play a major role in ending it. 

"Pokot is a bandit land but there is poverty because of lack of work. Putting up industries will attract at least 2,000 workforce. With them working, banditry could end in six months since they are busy," Raval said. 

Raval said that he is working in setting up the Clicke Plant which was launched two years ago and that it should start working around July. Its prodiction is expected to reduce importation in the country thus reduce the pressure on the dollar.